FACRO - more that aesthetics

Facade works

Facade stands as a representative of thermal insulation systems with great advantages, such as costs reduction in climatization of the objects (heating in winter, cooling in summer), as well as reducing the costs of construction works. Foremost there is its protective function, which is followed by esthetic resemblance of every individual constructed object, no matter if we are talking about building or just a family home.


Plaster is usually consisted of calx cemented mixture and water, which is been placed on the wall by hand or driven by machinery.

There is a two-different layering of the plaster. The so – called sprinkle plaster is the first layer which needs to be placed on the wall in order to secure optimal grip for the finishing plaster. During the process of plastering we take special care about the inbuilt joinery, if there is one. It is highly recommended to plaster only after implementing all electrical installation and plumbing works, but before placing the finishing glaze.

Paint works

In our endeavor to meet preferred wishes of our customers we choose only top quality and most endurable colors of your own choice. We believe that paint works compose important part in the whole process, because it gives your home or business premises it’s visual recognition.

Roofing works

Roofing works consists all works regarding the matter of placing the shroud and coverings. Roofing works implies placing the shroud with all predicted elements of the roofing system from the particular producers.

Roofing work demands knowledge of the various types of roofing, such as specifics in placing the roof – minimum gradient of the roof torrents, minimum or maximum spacing between elements (timber, lath, and fig.) roof substructures, necessary number and amount of classified elements adjusted by the shape and surface of the roof, incline of the roof, as well as the geographic - climate placings of the objects.


Sanation (empowering, stabilization) of the subsoil or the wall, without digging with injecting of expanded concrete. Sanation of the wall and floor cracks and gapes that usually appears because of the lodging of the object or on the aged objects, is performed by injecting the sticky concrete admixture.

Scaffolding rental